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One-woman character comedy show about transformation, life, and death created and interpreted by Nathaly Leduc.

A collective experience, a chaotic mess-about where the boundaries between performance and audience are blurred. Paul Nord is the most famous iceberg of all times, the iceberg that has gripped the imagination of the world, that humbled human technology, and dramatised the wonders and dangers of mysterious ice-cold ocean waters. Paul Nord is witty, fun, and charming as hell. He is melting away, and he knows it. So, for one last time, he privileges us with his stunning icy presence.


Justice in action

Participatory theatre project in Liberia designed and implemented by Nathaly Leduc while working at the NGO Civitas Maxima. The project is subject to Nathaly's ethnographic dissertation on the limits and possibilities of theatre projects in post-conflict areas.

It was undertaken in partnership with Flomo Theatre Inc., which commenced in 2017 and continued in 2018 with the design of a theatre roadshow, public readings, and the staging of mock trials performed by Flomo Theatre actors and involving local students in Monrovia.

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On aurait dit que je serais

Participatory Theatre project in partnership with Foyer Arabelle presented at Theatre Pitoëff, Geneva, June 2022. 


Theatrical and musical interlude interpreted by Nathaly Leduc and co-created during participative theatre workshops with the residents of the Foyer Arabelle. 

Directed by Naima Arlaud

Music by Sergio Valdeos 

Interpreted and created by Nathaly Leduc

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Theatre piece directed by Michele Millner and produced by Théâtre Spirale about objects migrants brought with them on their journey to Geneva. 

With : Naïma Arlaud, Nathaly Leduc, Françoise Gautier, Nora Cupelin, Amanda Cepero / Yaël Miller

Directed and Created by : Michele Millner

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The project Réparation enables a platform for young people to voice their concerns and aspirations for the world of tomorrow. Through workshops and discussions, a theatrical performance, videos, a digital platform and podcasts were produced.


This project was led by the association Les Indépendantes who and Nathaly Leduc as a theatre instructor in 2020 and 2021.

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Cabaret des amis savoureux

Les Amis Savoureux is a comedy collective and association founded by Leo Mohr, Raphaël Archinard, and Nathaly leduc. 

Les Amis Savoureux hosts cabarets that bring together clowning, characters, absurdity, improvisation, and other theatrical tools (music, masks, objects, costumes, etc.) to create a language that brings together diverse audiences  and artists from various artistic backgrounds.

Instagram Les Amis Savoureux

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