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Le 14 BIS

Le 14 bis is a space for theatrical practices, where we can develop our artistic language and work on our technique, like a musician would do his scales. The space is located at Avenue Giuseppe-Motta 14bis in Servette, Geneva, and is managed by Nathaly Leduc, Les Amis Savoureux, and in partnership with Théâtre Spirale. 

There, regular theater workshops and creation on upcoming projects take place. The space is also available for other artists and companies at friendly prices. Le 14bis is a charming studio of 54 m2, it is equipped with a small kitchen, two toilets, and large windows allowing natural light. It is well located, close to the neighborhood houses and schools, which is exactly what we were looking for. 

We have succeeded in asserting our presence in the neighborhood, and our young students live primarily within 500m of 14bis. By offering English and French activities, Le 14bis creates a link with the international community. 


Support our activities by telling your friends about Le14 bis and by bringing your projects! Contact us for more information. 


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