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In this workshop, I combine my knowledge in anthropology with theater and feminist theories to help you understand that you can be in control of your performance as a public speaker and as a lecturer.

This is not a regular public speaking workshop; it's about speaking to an audience, being in dialogue with the audience, and fostering a space of generosity and solidarity in a competitive and patriarchal environment.

This workshop will give you skills to read your audience, actively listen to them, and include them in the presented work in an emotionally intelligent manner.

For more information on duration and fee, write to: or +41 078 708 40 18

Through the association Women in Economics Léman, we organized an Own Your Show workshop. Besides the highly positive personal experience, I am more and more convinced about the critical role Nathaly Leduc's work plays "to level the playing field." Women and other underrepresented minorities could benefit enormously from receiving this training. Federica Broccoli, Institute of Economics and Econometrics UNIGE

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