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Les Amis Savoureux 

Les Amis Savoureux is an emerging theater company based in Geneva that uses various artistic disciplines in the creation of its humorous shows and in its numerous workshops. The company was officially created in 2019 by Leo Mohr, Raphael Archinard, and Nathaly Leduc. Since then, it has produced numerous cabarets, plays, and workshops that allow participants to experiment with different ways of performing and constructing their humor.

Les Amis Savoureux works with the codes of clowning, character invention, absurdity, improvisation, and other theatrical tools (music, masks, objects, costumes, etc.) in order to create a language that brings together both diverse audiences and young professionals from various artistic backgrounds.

Since the beginning of our activities in 2018, we have organized one Cabaret per month, and four plays performed at the Théâtre de la Parfumerie, at the Théâtricul in Chêne-Bourg, at L'Almacén in Les Grottes, La Gravière, and in other venues in Geneva.


The members of our company have been hired by third parties to animate various workshops at the UNIGE (University of Geneva), at the IHEID (Institute of Higher International Studies and Development), to give workshops to children from the Active School, the International School and the Geneva public education, in order to share our knowledge on theater and comedy.

Character Comedy 

Shayne's Mom 

Character Comedy.

Shayne's Mom is a world traveler and flirting expert. She has journeyed through time and space and is ready to share the secrets to a perfect love life. She inspires everyone around her with her confidence, optimism, and life philosophy. Shayne's Mom was created in 2016 and has since performed in São Paulo, Berlin, Copenhagen, Edinburgh, and Geneva. 

In 2019 Shayne's Mom starred in Love Tonight, a one-hour comedy show with the kitsch-like aesthetics of a low-production television show from the 90s. The show combines character, modern clowning, and storytelling.

Richard Tator ( Dick Tator ) 

Character Comedy. 

Richard Tator, better known as Dick Tator, is a character inspired by the populist figures of our time. He has unconventional ideas about making his country a better place and knows exactly what his people need. 

In 2019, Richard Tator starred in Symptom, a one-hour-long comedy show in partnership with the theater company Coco Hanke, based in Basel. Set in a fictional reality, audiences find themselves as participants in a very important election process where familiar situations are presented. The piece brings to the stage characters that emerge from deep madness and surrealism. Symptom played in Geneva, Liesthal, Dissenhofen, and  Basel.